Association Officers

In addition to public meetings, there is a Steering Committee made up of officers and interested members who set future agendas and discuss topical issues. This group usually meets periodically. All members are welcome to attend. Contact Tom Norcott for the date of the next meeting.

Chair Tom Norcott 303-0102
Secretary Louise Uriu 252-7327
Honorary Treasurer Gene Lilley 259-6477
Council of Neighborhoods Representative Colleen Kain 252-9086
Council of Neighborhoods Representative Tom Norcott 303-0102
Council of Neighborhoods Representative (Alternate) Lisa Harrison 374-8657
Newsletter Dennis Ryan
Steering Committee Jean Lilley 259-6477
Steering Committee Evelyn Davis 303-8002
Steering Committee Rob Davis 303-8002
Steering Committee Ann Krolak 258-1819 
Steering Committee Kerry Sparlin 258-4600
Steering Committee Sue Rivord