Block Watch


WhaCrime Prevention Logot is a “Block Watch”?
The idea of a Block Watch is simply to take an active role in keeping our neighborhood safe by looking out for your neighbors and keeping each other informed of any incidents that do occur.

Does My Block Have a Block Watch Captain?
The typical Captain has about 10-15 people that they try to keep in regular touch. Captains get to decide for themselves how large an area they care to communicate with on a regular basis. Maybe you or one of your neighbors would like to take responsibility for a portion of your neighborhood? Learn more….

Madrona+ Block Watch: If you live on Madrona, Olympic Blvd or the west side of Mukilteo blvd contact Jill Ryan to be added to the FaceBook site at

Get-togethers are an important element of Crime Watches and a great way to socialize with the neighborhood. Remember . . .getting to know your neighbors is one of the best ways to spot and report unusual or suspicious activity. Crime doesn’t like neighbors who watch out for each other!