Neighborhood Projects

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Our Accomplishments

A neighborhood that works together stays together!  Generally projects are undertaken by utilizing the annual $2,000 Mini-Grant offered by the City of Everett to active neighborhoods. Following are some of our successful projects and activities:

  • Playground equipment for Howarth Park.
  • Benches, picnic tables, concrete trash bin and a Viewscope for Harborview Park. (The Port of Everett shared in the cost of the Viewscope and proceeds are dedicated to park fees for needy children.)
  • Glenhaven entrance rejuvenation.
  • Bus shelter at Glenhaven.
  • City of Everett acquisition of Harborview Park from Burlington Northern via advocacy by the Neighborhood.
  • Assisting and support Streamkeepers regarding Glenwood Creek contamination.
  • Open space upgrades at Glenhaven & Seahurst.
  • Beach cleanup.
  • Participation in the planting of flowers on the Boulevard at Forest Park and at the Fire Station on Glenwood.
  • Annual neighbor garage sale.
  • Renovation of the¬†pumphouse.